Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fall Engagements

About a week or ago Braedon and I were asked to be "models" for a lens seminar put on by Jessica Janae Photography. She was so fun to work with- we kind of felt like we didn't really need an introduction because we had both become "friends" over social media.  She's so sassy and makes you feel totally comfortable.  It took some convincing to get Braedon to agree, but I think after it was all said and done he had fun.  I mean, who would't want to guilt free PDA it up with their spouse?  Here are a few more pics I just got this morning.  They were taken by the lovely Angela Welch Young.  Go visit her site, she's awesome!  I love that she made each place we shot look so beautiful, and we were really just on the side of a road next to an office building.  Plus, despite the rain (which it rained, the whole time), we look pretty happy and not frozen!

Photo Cred: Angela Welch Young

Babe husband alert (ow ow)

I'd always wished I could have fall engagements or bridals because I absolutely love the colors.  I mean who doesn't right??  I wouldn't trade my August wedding for anything, but it was fun to get the chance to shoot "engagements" in the last of the fall leaves.  
Have a great week everyone!
Someday I"ll post my "actual" engagements and wedding pictures.